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Services, lots of 'em.

Yes, I’ve written poems, songs, speeches, articles, essays, and more. 

But that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for writing that sells. Take a look at the types of copywriting and marketing I can offer you below.


Don’t see a digital marketing service you need? Ask anyway. You can be the reason I add a new type of writing to my expertise.

Rankings & seo

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  Home page copywriting

hOME pages

I write every word on your homepage. Most people will not go clicking through every page in your website. So this needs to be strong. Let me do the heavy lifting. Your audience will get clear, navigable content on your website. Your brand and tone will be conveyed in every part of the copy.

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  Blog writing driving SEO through keyword research

Blog writing

Your website is being assessed by robots. My words can determine whether your website is seen by the few people who are clicking through to page 10 in the search results or seen by the vast majority of us who are too impatient to click beyond page 1. Let’s beat the bots with a blog that keeps your content up to date.

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  landing page copywriting

Landing pages

When you need to direct your audience to a specific page on your web (maybe a special promo or ad), I’m your gal. If your audience is seeing only one page, let’s make sure the words on that page are powerful. Powerful words that bring the highest attention to your target page.

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  Through design or copy, update your current website

Website makeover

Let’s be real. You’re a 21st century business: You probably already have a website (Although if you don’t… hi 😏). But just like you maintain a haircut or update your wardrobe, your website might just need a makeover! With SEO best practices, I’ll take the words that are already on your website and give them a fresh look so that audiences are saying, “Look at that new do!” 



Pitching your products and services to new customers can be time consuming, often requiring multiple conversations. Don’t waste any more time over or under explaining what you can do. With my copy, make sure the first conversation is striking yet direct. You know all the amazing aspects of your business; with me, you can make sure they do too.

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  Sales letters copywriting and design


company press

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  Good press for your company

Press Releases

Any press is good press, right? Wrong. You’ve worked hard to build your company’s reputation. You’ve grown, and the press has noticed. Make sure your great reputation holds in the press with my words. 

social media

+ more

 Media Management

The social part of social media is, well, kinda huge. Your customers want to interact with you. They want to comment and hear your replies. They want to direct message your company page (DM, for the social media newbies 😉) and know that they aren’t talking to a robot. Plus, social media platforms are actually giving you a grade based on your response time. Make sure you ace your response time with my social media management add-on services. 

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business): Ad management
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