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launch your dream

yOU CAN MAKE YOUR IDEA INTO A REVENUE GENERATOR. join the list of successful businesses launched through taylex digital marketing. See details below.

for limited time only, I'll help you launch your dream for $2,000 or less.


While we aren't lawyers or business consultants, we will walk you through the best steps to take your business from an idea to an operative entity in your state. 

  • Walk through the steps for an LLC 

  • Create a business plan 

  • Create a marketing plan


As marketing experts, we know how to take the drive behind what you do and make it generate revenue. 

  • Create compelling copy for your social media pages 

  • Create compelling copy for 4 of your web pages. 


We will walk you through the best website host for your business, then design a fully operational site for you.

  • We'll set up your domain. 

  • Create 4 web pages with custom graphics

  • We'll teach you how to use the interface of your web host.


After everything is operational, we'll walk you through a launching plan. 

  • Create a GMB listing

  • Get your ad account operational 

  • Create a plan to launch your business to your target audience and generate revenue to continue your marketing efforts. 

Just this month

Laundry-Delivery-Service-Wash-n-Suds-Launders-Jonesborough (1).png
We took wash 'n suds launders from idea to full execution.

"Taylor invested personally in the success of our campaign and became a part of our team. Highly recommmended!"


-owner, wash 'n suds launders

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