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You won’t be charged by the word, nor will you be charged an outrageous fee for minimal quality marketing. I believe in the ability of my words to generate revenue for your company. My prices reflect that. 


Prices for my digital marketing services are set project by project and are based on five key factors as outlined in the video below (or in this lame PDF):


This is a 15 minute intake meeting (call) where I learn your business. Not only will I learn everything that makes your business unique, I’ll listen to your specific marketing needs and dive into the details of the project.


While I’ve written for a wide range of industries, I do not, in fact, hold all of the knowledge in the entire world on every possible subject that pertains to your business. With that being said, I may need to spend some time doing research so that I can write using the most up to date terms in your industry, the best practices for digital marketing in your industry, and for the most specific details of your target audience.

*If needed*



After you and I meet, I will take the feedback you give me and make any discussed revisions. You will receive the revised draft prior to our final feedback meeting.


​This is a 3-5 day window where I analyze your project and determine a fair price based on my pricing structure above. If I cannot meet the needs of your project (either due to ongoing projects or due to projects determined to be outside of my expertise), I will be absolutely honest and, if needed, help guide you to someone who can meet your needs. I want you to succeed, regardless. 



Using a combination of your needs and my research, I will create the initial draft for any project we’ve agreed upon. You will receive the initial draft prior to the initial feedback meeting.




Typically a much quicker meeting, you and I will have a second feedback meeting to ensure the requested changes were made and are adequate, with the same options available as the initial feedback meeting.




 If you and I agree on my quoted prices, I will send you an online contract. This contract serves to protect your company and mine, and it lays out the details mentioned in the quote. The contract will also detail a timeline in relation to my current workload and your time-related needs so that you can plan accordingly. Upon signing, you will receive an official invoice.



I offer two avenues of feedback to fit your preferences: Either we will have a Zoom meeting and walk through any critiques you have together or I will send you a Google Doc where you comment your feedback on specific parts of my writing (tutorial video included).




I will make any final changes based on our final feedback meeting. Finally, you will receive a final draft.




  1. Due Date: Once the contract is signed, an official invoice will be created and shared. Upon the date of the invoice, 100% of payment will be due within 7 days unless discussed otherwise and agreed upon by both parties*

  2. Payment Methods: Zelle, Paypal, Venmo

  3. Milestones: Lengthy projects may require milestones, or payments that occur over a specified period of time. If milestones are required, they will be indicated on the contract and on the invoice with agreed upon dates. 

  4. Recurring Projects: Should you choose to work with me in continuity, payment for monthly/ongoing projects will be due on the first of each month. You have the option of autodraft, if desired.

*First Time Clients: For first time clients, I offer the option to pay 50% within 7 days of the invoice and 50% of the invoice upon receival of the final draft.

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