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OUR portfolio's STATS

If you'd rather see our portfolio than read about the success we can bring your business, that's cool too! Simply scroll down for our portfolio. 

  • B2B website copy that tripled revenue within the month

  • B2C rebrand copy that clarified brand voice more than ever 

  • Ad copy that generated 300x the traffic in the first 30 days

  • Animation video that used captivating graphics + adult learning best practice to teach an entire team 

  • Logo updates that caught the attention of local government

  • Ad graphics that increased following by 100% in 5 days

  • Strategy that turned a $6,000 investment into $2M in profit in 1.5 years.

  • Strategy that protected one client from a law suit 

  • Strategy that saved a business based on competitive pricing

*Disclaimer: The purposes of these few pieces are to demonstrate potential samples of the type of business you may see while working with TAYLEX Digital Marketing, not established businesses. Claims are based upon projections of what is likely to happen when using my services.

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