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Make no mistake, we live in a digital world. The gap in businesses who invest in digital marketing versus companies who are stuck in traditional methods is vast: with me, make sure you don’t waste another penny on marketing material that’s going nowhere.

 Most copywriters know words. Most graphic designers know visuals.

 My edge: I know business. In 2018, I launched an e-commerce clothing company with an investment of only $6,000 that generated over $2 million of net profit within 1 year. The biggest revenue generator in my business?

Digital marketing


my approach: 

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business): My process begins with learning your business's needs


Not only will I begin by learning your unique business needs and desires, I will:

  • learn and tailor my marketing to your needs every step of the way

  • keep up to date approaches for the market

  • try new ways to showcase products and services

so that I can give your business the best chance at generating more revenue in any market climate.

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  I use data and analytics to track the progress your ads are making


My approach is data driven, using analytics to track progress.


If you aren’t seeing upward trends in your data from my marketing, I will work endlessly to learn strategies that appeal to your target audience.

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  I give multiple chances for feedback- 2 editing rounds, referral document


Finally, I will learn from your feedback. If there are things you don’t like about the initial draft,


you and I will work together to create a final product that you LOVE

TAYLEX Digital Marketing (Charlotte Business):  Using my personal number, I keep my line open for consistent communication with my clients


You and I won’t just communicate through lifeless professional emails that make you feel like you’re talking to a robot. You won’t have to go through a chat box to get to me. I love getting to know my clients through personal styles of communication that make them feel heard and seen as individuals... not just business owners.

I want to get to know your business and you.




If you’re into knowing the gal behind the computer, this is me:

  • English major

  • previous teacher

  • song writer

  • small town gal living a city gal’s dream

  • most importantly, dog mom to a couple cuties.


I look forward to working with you :)

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